Duration: 60 mins

Level: Beginner & Inter-Advanced

Type: Fitness Class

Beginner: This 60-minute Beginner Tricks & Transitions class is a great class to take if you’re looking for more of a fitness challenge. Here, we will cover basic chair tricks and first-timer friendly transitions and how to safely execute them. Noreen will be there to guide each and every student, to ensure that your muscles are properly engaged and make adjustments should you have any concerns. You’ll definitely come out of this class happy and surprised about what your body can do!

Inter-Advanced: When you’re ready, jump right into the Inter-Advanced Tricks & Transitions class! This class is recommended if you’ve already attended Beginner Chairlesque classes as this class will require more flexibility and strength. During this 60-minute class, you will learn more complex tricks, inversions, and transitions. On some days, you will also learn how to freestyle by combining all the tricks you’ve learned during the session.